December 5, 2008

Chester and Chester’s Back by Melanie Watt

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chesterChester  (AR 1.3)

Chester’s Back

by Melanie Watt

Kids Can Press

Talk to enough authors about their characters and you’re bound to hear from someone about a character who takes over the story, who simply won’t do what’s expected. 

Watt seems to have had this problem with Chester, an outrageously immense calico who, marker in hand, alters her story on the page, changing it from a sweet little piece about a mouse to a story all about a wonderful cat named Chester.  Watt doesn’t give up and soon the two are battling for dominance from page to page.  Who has the last word?  You’ll have to check out the back cover to find out.

If you love sweet characters and sweet stories, this may not be the book for you.  My son and I choked with laughter.  My husband?  Not so much. 

If you are the Mom or Grandpa or Auntie who teaches the kids camp songs, how to spit watermelon seeds or how to whistle with a blade of grass, pick up one or both of these books to share with the young marauder in your life.


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