January 17, 2009

Fitch & Chip Series by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Frank Ansley

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New Pig in Town (AR 1. 8 )

When Pigs Fly (AR 2.0)

by Lisa Wheeler

illustrated by Frank Ansley



As long as we’re on the topic of beginning readers, check out the Fitch and Chip series.   The series opens with New Pig in Town. Chip is the new kid at school.  Outspoken and sure of himself, the young pig latches onto the wolf in the next desk.  Fitch hugs his tail for security and his ears twitch whenever he gets nervous.  The pair slowly become friends in ways that all kids understand — eating lunch together, walking home from school and talking about the differences between their families. 

When Kids Flyopens with a special day at school — the children are allowed to dress as their favorite super hero.  Chip, as always, is sure of himself, coming to school dressed as a popular TV hero.  Fitch, on the other hand, does things his own way.  He’s dressed like someone he’s read about in the newspaper, someone who is fighting for the environment.  When the pair gets to school, they discover that one of them blends in with all the other kids who picked the same hero.  Fortunately, friends now how to be heroes to each other.

Wheeler’s text and Ansley’s paintings work together to create humorous stories that will keep young readers smiling to the end.   After all, a pig testing just how yummy he looks to the wolf in class is funny stuff as is a super hero named Hyper Hog.  And just say the name of the series out loud.  Come on.  Admit it.  You’re smiling.

Whether your young reader is quiet or bold, into tv or reading, there is a character with which to identify.  School settings are comfortingly familiar and the large print and short lines of text make for a reassuring read for someone who finds small type crowding the page intimidating. 

Why not take turns reading to each other?  Some things are best when shared with a friend.


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