January 22, 2009

Boogie Knights by Lisa Wheeler, illus by Mark Siegel

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boogieBoogie Knights

by Lisa Wheeler

illustrated by Mark Siegel

A Richard Jackson Book/Atheneum

This is the night of the Monster Ball and monsters of various kinds have taken over the castle for the biggest party you can imagine.   Not that these monsters are scary – this is Lisa Wheeler.  Expect fun and laughs.

This is yet another book full of Wheeler’s trademark humor and word play — the Knights’ all have names like observant Sir Veillance or wide Sir Round.  This may not click at first with the youngest listeners, but when it does, you will have to stop the story to go back and find the other Knights’ names. 

Mark Siegel uses his illustrations to add a story within the story.  Wandering the corridors, drippy candle in hand, is a wee prince, being followed by a cute girl ghost.  The two finally hook up and join the party and the fun.

A great rhyming time, sure to snare the imagination of young readers who love to play with words.



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