January 29, 2009

Flight of the Dodo by Peter Brown

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flightofthedodoFlight of the Dodo  (AR 4. 1 )

written and illustrated by Peter Brown

Little, Brown and Co.

As with all of the best picture books, this is an excellent read aloud.   Be prepared to laugh so hard you’ll have to take a break from your reading.  Seriously.  I mean it.  And this is one that cracked both my husband and I up to the point that neither of us could “be the grown up” and continue reading.

This is the story of Penguin.  Poor Penguin.  Like the other Waddlers (Kiwi, Ostrich and Cassowary), Penguin cannot fly like the other birds.  Poor pooped on Penguin.

And it is getting pooped on that gets Penguin moving.  Certainly the Waddlers can learn to fly?  Why should the be grounded?  Denied the beauty of flight and all that goes with it?    It takes several tries, but finally the group takes off in a balloon.  When they show off to a flock of geese, they get caught up in a powerful storm.  How will they ever get down again?  Hint:  The get the attention of the geese way down below on the ground.

Potty humor prevails but somehow it is funny.  Really.  These aren’t just poop jokes for the sake of poop jokes.   Think of it as figurative.  Your kid will get it even if he or she can’t express it in words.  After all, they get pooped on every time you tell them that they can’t do something because they are kids (Waddlers).  They will so get it.

This probably isn’t the best choice for a bed time book because laughing so hard will certainly wake everyone up.   But it makes a fantastic piece for a fun reading experience when it is too cold to go outside.


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