February 19, 2009

Savvy by Ingrid Law

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Savvy  (AR 6 . 0 )

by Ingrid Law

Dial Books

Named a Newbery Honor this year, Savvy left me wondering just how good the winner must be as well as what wacky Savvy I’d end up with. 

Thirteenth birthdays are tricky things in the Beaumont family because sometime that day each Beaumont discovers his or her Savvy, or special ability.   On Fish’s big day, he called up a hurricane, but boys tend to have more powerful savvies than girls.   Mibs has no idea what her talent will be, she just hopes it is something good.  It had better be because until she learns to control it, she will be home schooled.  Not that she has any friends — living in fear of other people finding out about your family tends to put a damper on friendship. 

The hope for a really good savvy grows stronger when a highway accident lands her father in a coma miles away and her mother leaves to be by his side.  When the Pastor’s wife insists on throwing Mibs a party, the girl realizes she will come into her power among people other than family, people she is afraid to trust.  She stows away on a bus bound for the city where her father is.  Mibs planned to go alone but her brothers and the pastor’s kids follow and the result is a road trip across two states that ends with new found friends and a respect for the abilities, secrets and trust to be found in others.

This book is an excellent choice for fantasy lovers although with a touch of light romance it will probably appeal more to girls than to boys.  Still, both male and female characters are equally strong and equally flawed.  For a slightly older audience than Nitz’s Griffin.  

This is a fast moving, fun and funny story about a girl learning not only who she is but also more than a little something about those around her. 


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