February 25, 2009

Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst

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rocksRocks in His Head (AR 3 . 5 )

by Carol Otis Hurst

Illustrated by James Stevenson


This is the story of a boy who collects rocks, a boy who just happens to be the author’s father.   He collects rocks with a passion whenever he isn’t in school or doing his chores.   When the people around him comment that he has rocks in his pockets and rocks in his head, he simply reaches into his pocket to show them his latest find.

But there’s no money in rocks so as an adult he opens up a filling station with shelves for his collection.  When the Great Depression shuts down the station, he moves his rocks into the attic of his home.  Between odd jobs he visits the local museum where he attracts the attention of the director.   Eventually he ends up just where he wants to be — in a job that let’s him think about rocks all day.

The main character is an adult through much of the book, but he’s an adult that children will identify with.  Why?  Because he’s an adult other adults criticize for being impractical.  He’s an adult with dreams.  He’s an adult with passion. He’s an adult with his own way of looking at the world.

Stevenson’s pen and watercolor illustrations give a wide-eyed old time feel to this story.  Earth tones and muted colors, save for the occasional splash of red, contribute to the nostalgic and earthy feel.

An excellent choice for junior geologists and dreamers alike.


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