March 6, 2009

Flora’s Dare

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Flora’s Dare:  how a girl of spirit gambles all to expand her vocabulary, confront a bouncing boy terror, and try to save Califa from a shaky doom (despite being confined to her room) (AR 5 . 1)

by Ysabeau Wilce


Flora Segunda returns in another daring adventure in this sequel to Flora Segunda.   Just past her 14th birthday, Flora is technically an adult but her parents and teachers still think they have the final say in her life, including whether or not she will be allowed to learn Gramatica, a complicated symbolic language essential to anyone wishing to perform magick.  Given her desire to be a ranger with the adventures and death-defying feats that entails, Flora must learn Gramatica even if it means fraternizing with the enemy.  How dangerous can someone so handsome truly be?  In her quest, Flora is attacked by a tentacle that writhes up out of a filthy toilet, discovers the cause of the earthquakes plaguing Califa and inadvertently time-travels.

The setting is unmistakably California and unmistakably historic but not quite as it comes seasoned with Aztec sounding vocabulary.

A must for fantasy lovers but for a slightly older crowd than Tamora Pierce’s Immortals series, due to both hormonal teen behavior and the numerous subplots that would confuse less-accomplished readers who might find them hard to follow.   Though references to hormonally induced behavior are numerous, little actually happens “on screen.”  A good choice for readers who aren’t quite ready for what they might encounter in adult books. 

Wilce has taken the time to develop an intricate culture, simultaneously familiar and incredibly unique.  A must for serious fantasy readers. 


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