March 17, 2009

How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz

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geographyHow I Learned Geography (AR 4 . 4)
by Uri Shulevitz

Farrar Straus and Giroux

2009 Honor book for Caldecott Award

Shulevitz has created an autobiographical picture book based on his own boyhood memories of WWII when his family flees Warsaw, Poland for Kazakhstan, Turkestan. There he and his parents share a small, drab room with another refugee couple.

Their life is drab and dull in the colorful city of Kazakhstan — no books, no toys and not nearly enough to eat. One day his father brings his disappointed family, not the bread he couldn’t afford, but an enormous map with which he covers one wall.

The boy finds himself exploring a world of beaches and deserts, glaciers and fruit filled jungles. He sees cities and shady palm groves. And he does all of this within the four walls of their room.

This book is a must for dreamers and map-lovers of all ages. An excellent read aloud and an opportunity to share a spin around the globe with your young learner.


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