March 20, 2009

Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona Bayrock

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bubbleBubble Homes and Fish Farts  (AR 5 . 7 )

by Fiona Bayrock



By now you’ve probably realized that I love great nonfiction, but the type of nonfiction that usually hooks me is nonfiction that tells a story.  An exciting event.  A thrilling life.  Something or someone with a story I just can’t put down.  Books of facts are interesting and I page through them, but read them cover to cover? 

I did with Bayrock’s fact-filled fun read. 

The central theme in Bayrocks book is bubbles, some small, some large but all vital in some way to the life of an animal whether you are talking about the bubbles that bottlenose dolphins blow for fun or the bubbles in which African Gray Treefrogs lay their eggs.   Sixteen animals in all, each with a two page spread and space in the author’s notes at the end.  The list is divided among mammals, insects, arachnids and fish.  

Carolyn Conahan’s watercolor paintings combine acurate depictions of the various animals with a playful sense of fun that sucked my husband in after he teased me for reading about farts.  

The reading level may be upper fifth grade but there is only approximately 12 lines of text on each spread, not too much for a reluctant reader. 

A good choice for fact junkies and nonfiction lovers of all ages. 


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