May 13, 2009

Dogfish by Gillian Shields

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dogfishDogfish ( AR 2 . 7 )

by Gillian Shields

illustrated by Dan Taylor


When the narrator wishes for a dog, Mom resists his hypnotic eyes and reminds him that he has a perfectly good goldfish.   Next he points out a list of things that fish cannot do, but Mom holds firm.   Fortunately this particular goldfish has hypnotic eyes and he uses them to convince his young owner that he is more than an ordinary goldfish.

This book may not be the best for bedtime because the funny parts will make you laugh out loud when someone should be quieting down.  The hypnotic eyes are especially hilarious although in our home they are known as Bambi eyes.

Dan Taylor’s colorful illustrations are simple but manage to convey the range of emotions that children feel when forced to ask their parents for things that they really want but almost certainly will not get.

This book is straightforward enough for the preschool crowd but the illustrations take it to a level that even older elementary students can appreciate. 

Another excellent jumping off point for discussions on simplicity, loving what you have, and not taking things for granted. 



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