May 20, 2009

Fine as We Are by Algy Craig Hall

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fineFine as We Are

by Algy Craig Hall

(Boxer Books)


Little Frog and Mom have a wonderfully happy life by the pond until one day Little Frog sees something odd in the water — blobs with black spots.  Before long, the blobs grow squiggly tails and are soon swimming around.  As the squiggles change into dozens and dozens of tiny frog babies, Little Frog’s happy life is over. 

Or is it?

My first assumption was that this was a book about things not changing, but I had it all wrong.  Hall’s book is about being happy even as things do change.  Adjusting.  Acclimating.  Finding a new peace.

Hall’s illustration make this book a must see.  Her expressive little frog babies are obviously high energy, curious and mischievous.  You definitely need to seek this book out just to see how much expression and individuality she can give to very simple paintings of wee little frogs.

A great together book.  Also a great book for someone going through a lot of change.


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  1. Darcy Pattison said,

    I always did love Tadpoles!


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