May 22, 2009

Tenth Avenue Cowboy by Linda Oatman High

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tenthTenth Avenue Cowboy (AR 4 . 3)

by Linda Oatman High

(Eerdmans Books for Young Readers)

It’s 1910 when Ben and his family leave the wide open spaces of their ranch for New York.   Ben misses the plains and the rivers but most of all he misses the cowboys.  

One day Ben is at the blacksmith shop where his father works when in comes a real life cowboy.  His name is Johnny and he is one of the Tenth Avenue Cowboys whose horses race ahead of locomotives, warning the people of the oncoming train.  Ben grabs hold of new dream when he gets to gallop down Tenth Avenue alongside Johnny.

Linda Oatman High brings this patch of history alive for curious minds.  She creates a smooth, exciting story that encourages children not to give up and to reach for what makes them happy.  

An excellent choice for fans of cowboys, horses and New York.  



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