June 4, 2009

Olivia Forms a Band by Ian Falconer

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oliviaOlivia Forms a Band ( AR 2. 4 )

by Ian Falconer



There’s no doubt about it.  Olivia is a girl who likes things just so — she knows which two red socks go together although she has a drawer full and she is absolutely certain that only one kind of bands is fireworks approved.  When Mom and Dan plan to take the family to see fireworks, Olivia spends the day putting together a one-girl band, but once she performs for her family she’s ready to go to the fireworks without all her gear.  Mom doesn’t seem to mind, she just wants Olivia to put it away.

An excellent choice for any child, boy or girl, with a well-developed imagination.  In this book alone, Olivia cycles through several fantasy situations in each of which she is the star. 

As always, Ian Falconer’s pigs are wonderfully expressive, making the most of their facial expressions.  A great choice for shared reading time.



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