June 14, 2009

The Weird Club: The Search for the Jersey Devil by Randy Fairbanks

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jerseyThe Weird Club: The Search for the Jersey Devil

by Randy Fairbanks

This is a novel with quite a few pictures.  A lot of the pictures show monsters, ghosts and other things that most people have never seen.  There are also many photographs of various found items and weird places to illustrate the book.

This is about a kid, named Mark, who makes a club called “The Weird Club” to hunt for weird things.  At first, the club consists of him and no body else.  He is eventually joined by another Mark and a girl named Stella.  They look for ghosts at school and get in trouble every time.

Mark and his grandfather look for the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens behind his grandfather’s home.  Eventually Mark’s grandfather gets lost and the police start a search.  Mark decides to go on his own search and runs into his grandfather’s neighbor and his grandsons and another neighbor.  The police are of the ones who find Grandpa and then also find the second search party.  Grandpa goes to the hospital and there tells Mark about seeing the Jersey Devil. 

Anybody who is interested in paranormal activity (ie ghosts and other monsters) would like this book.  It is good for kids 8 and up. 

I also am interested in paranormal findings and like to go places and look for things like they look for in the book.  I’ve never found anything on one of my hunts but I have seen things I can’t explain. 

Why not start your own search.

–Guest Reviewer (10 years old), son of SueBE


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