June 30, 2009

Insects: Biggest! Littlest! by Sandra Markle

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insectsInsects: Biggest! Littlest! (AR 4 .5 )
by Sandra Markle
(Boyds Mills Press)

If you have a young reader whose buggy about bugs, this is the book of the year. 

Simon Pollard’s photography brings insects to life from familiar butterflies and praying mantis to exotic stalk-eyed flies and spiny-legged Weta.  The text covers the advantages of being either small or large as well as insect basics, such as 3-segmented bodies and 6 legs.

My son is now ten and he’s been a bug-nut from the moment he hatched so he knew the basic facts but some of the individual insects were new to him.

This is a good book for sharing since we all want to oh and ah with a buddy when we find something new and amazing.  Not a bug-nut yourself?  Neither am I, but I could still appreciate the vibrant Raja Brooke Birdwing Butterfly (page 6) and the delicately veined wings of the dragonfly (page 14).

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