July 16, 2009

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

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pratchettEqual Rites (AR 6. 1 )

by Terry Pratchett

(ISIS Audio Books)

Just before he dies, the wizard, Drum Billet, journeys to the smith’s shop so that he can pass on his wizard staff to the eighth son of an eighth son — sure to be a wondrously powerful wizard.  Let’s just hope that Billet was better at wizarding than he was at inheritance law because he forgot to check the gender of the newborn girl.

It falls to Granny Weatherwax to teach Eskarina magic — who better to teach a girl than a witch?  After all, it isn’t like a girl can become a wizard.   Too bad no one sent Eskarina the memo.

I simply cannot believe that Pratchett’s books were unknown to me until this summer.  All through high school I was a major sf/f reader but somehow I managed to remain oblivious. 

Pratchett’s Discworld Novels are an excellent choice for teens who are advanced readers.   The humor is simultaneously wacky and devilishly sarcastic (think Douglas Adams), the situations are bizarre and just about anything can happen. 

There are references to sex but nothing specific and nothing happens on-screen.

At 7.5 hours, the audiobook might even get you there and back on a weekend trip.


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