August 18, 2009

Tiger Taming by Julie Sykes

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tigerTiger Taming

by Julie Sykes



Finding reading material for a newly independent reader can be tough.  While many of them want to use their new skills, they don’t want it to be too hard — books often can’t be too long or too serious. 

Fortunately Julie Sykes has created a series for just these readers.  “The Pet Sitter” books are funny, full of adventure and quick to read.  Today, I’ll review Tiger Taming.  Thursday, come back for a review of Dixie in Danger.

If you’ve got a young reader who is a fantasy buff, loves cats or magic, then be sure to pick up this book. 

When Max finds an ad in the pet store window for a pet sitter, he jumps at the chance.   Max is a tried and true animal lover but because of his sister’s allergies, the family can’t have a pet.  He sees the job as a way to be around animals, earn a little cash and show the grown ups just what he can do.  It’s not hard to spot the kid appeal, is it?

It quickly becomes clear that his client, Miss Warble Itchy, is a witch and her cat, Tiger, is full of surprises, starting with the fact that she can talk.  While you might think a talking cat is a great thing, it isn’t so marvelous when she won’t listen to a thing you say and does whatever she wants.  Otherwise, she’s a cat. 

But when Tiger is kidnapped, Max realizes that he has to take some chances, do things he’s never done, and get that cat back.

Sykes’ book has plenty of tension to keep readers turning the pages and the danger isn’t too scary.  Keep your new reader enthusiastic about their new skills with this fun series.



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