August 20, 2009

Dixie in Danger by Julie Sykes

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dixieDixie in Danger

by Julie Sykes



This is book #2 in the Pet Sitter series. 

This time around, Max gets a hasty phone call demanding his services as a pet sitter.  When he goes to meet his new client, he discovers a house full of wacky inventions including a hamster trail with a gym and natural garden. Dixie, the resident hamster, initially turns her back on him.

Max doesn’t take the slight to heart.  He’s sure Dixie is upset that her friend and owner has left town without her.  What he doesn’t count on is her ability for mischief, starting when she squirts him in the face with her water bottle so that she can escape.  When Max chases Dixie into what he assumes is an ordinary elevator, the two set off on a series of adventures and Max has to come up with his own invention to get the pair back home.

I have to admit that I was more than a little shocked when the hamster started talking.  Clever adult that I am, I didn’t read the books in order although the #2 on the spine should have been my first clue that this was the second book in the series.  If I had read them in order, I would have known that this was normal for The Pet Sitter books.

This book moves along at the same brisk pace as the first and is even more fun.  Give it to your young reader to keep them exercising those new skills.  And if they still seem hesitant, why not read with them?  That way you could laugh together and make gagging noises when Max finds out what Ancient Romans thought was good to eat.


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