September 18, 2009

Melvin Beederman, Superhero: The Case of the Bologna Sandwich by Greg Trine

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melvinMelvin Beederman, Superhero: The Case of the Bologna Sandwich

by Greg Trine

art by Rhode Montijo

(Henry Holt)

Author Greg Trine has a slightly different take on super powers.  Sure, they’re great in many ways, but there’s a down side too.  Think about it — x-ray vision.  Seeing any negatives?  No?  Then squint and try again.

We meet Melvin just as he is graduating and being assigned his own city. Melvin gets the big prize — Los Angeles.

Melvin will give it his best shot but we’re talking about a real kid here.   He may be able to fly, run faster than a speeding bullet and stop a train, but some skills come more easily than others judging by the fact that he always takes five or more tries to launch himself into the air.

Before long Melvin has his special hid out set up and he’s busting criminals left and right.  He’s so busy that he’s actually a little relieved when he has to send his cape to the dry cleaners, but when he gets it back it is way too small and where have his super powers gone?

Melvin has to solve the cape mystery, earning a side kick in the process, and capture a pair of escaped criminals.  Will he succeed or will this be the end of Melvin Beederman?

A great book for reluctant readers — lots of action, lots of humor and fun word play.  The book will appeal to boys and girls alike since Melvin’s peppy sidekick is a girl named Candace.

Look out criminals and ho hum readers!  There’s a new crime fighting duo in town!


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