September 23, 2009

Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

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simnerBones of Faerie (AR 4 . 4 )

by Janni Lee Simner


It may take a while for those of you who live in the St. Louis area to recognize your home turf the way Simner describes it – buckled highways, rampaging plants, and potentially explosive geology.  But this is the world humans live in, at least the humans that are left after the war with the faeries.

It is the world Liza has grown up in and she knows just how unforgiving it is.  Children born with any hint of faerie magic are left outside for the animals and any child who shows tendencies later on will be “dealt with.”  For their part, the plants take no prisoners and even shadow plants can inflict damage.  She doesn’t like it but it is the only world Liza knows.

When the dreams Liza has expand into waking visions, she realizes that she too has been touched by magic.  To keep her village safe, Liza ventures into the forest with no plans to return before nightfall comes with all its dangers. Only then does she begin to discover that there might be much more to the world and that in other places there may be space for those who are magically gifted.

Post-apocalyptic, the book does carry some mature themes but it is an excellent choice for the reader who is ready for some mature content but not the weighty length in terms of page numbers (this book weighs in at just under 250 pages).  Suitable for both older grade school readers as well as middle schoolers.  Probably more of a girl book than a boy book, but the principal sidekick is a boy so there will be some appeal.  Keep your eyes open for more from this author!


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