October 14, 2009

Alibi Junior High by Greg Logsted

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alibiAlibi Junior High*

by Greg Logsted


13-year-old Cody Saron knows five languages and has two black belts.  He can identify a variety of weapons and knows how to fade into the background.  None of this prepares him for his greatest challenge —

Junior High.

Cody has grown up alongside his father, a CIA agent who travels the globe. When things get too hot, Cody is sent to live with his aunt and have a normal life.  But how normal is it if the only person you can be yourself with is your new neighbor, an ex-Ranger, wounded in Afghanistan?

Logsted has nailed the stresses that make up junior high.   Bullies in the form of both classmates and teachers, insane schedules, fashion faux pas and more.

What made the book for me was that Cody may be trained as well as his CIA father but he is still a real 13-year-old.  Sure, he can kick butt, but when he doesn’t know where his father is, he worries, he’s tongue-tied when talking to the girl he likes, and he has no idea how he is going to work around the rules made up by a seemingly deranged adult world.  The adults are not the heroes, everyone makes mistakes.  In short, this book may be Jr. James Bond but it is very real.

Whether your kids call 7th and 8th grade junior high or middle school, hand them a copy of Alibi Junior High.


*I checked this book out from the library.


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