November 26, 2009

Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules

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Duck for Turkey Day (AR 2 .6 )

by Jacqueline Jules

illustrated by Kathryn Mitter

Happy Thanksgiving!   I’m not a huge duck fan but as someone who is having Italian roast beef for Thanksgiving, I had to check this out.

In school, the focus on Thanksgiving seems to be the turkey — the teacher even calls it “Turkey Day.”  What will people think, worries Tuyet, if they find out her family is having duck instead?  It worries her so much that she gathers up her money to try to buy a turkey at the grocery store.

This mission fails but Tuyet still has a great holiday, playing with her cousins and enjoying dinner with her extended family.  That said, she ends up crying at school as she tells her teacher that they didn’t have turkey like everyone else.  One-by-one her classmates speak out and she discovers that many of them had something different too — tofu turkey, enchiladas, lamb and even roast beef.

No matter how your family celebrates, this is a book that can help young readers see what the holiday is really about.  It can also act to support a child whose background may be different from how they perceive mainstream US culture.  You can even get a preview by checking out the book trailer on the author’s web site.



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