January 12, 2010

Quatrain by Sharon Shinn

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by Sharon Shinn

(Ace Books)

If you have a daughter or granddaughter who reads at an advanced level and is a fantasy fan, consider this collection of four novellas.  Each one has a different setting and cast of characters from worlds that Shinn had written about in the past so they are a good introduction to her work.

Of the four stories, “Blood” is my favorite.  Nope, it isn’t a vampire story.  In this novella a young man named Kerk discovers that there really are connections thicker than blood and that love and acceptance can come from unexpected places.

Because it is set in the same world as her angel novels, I latched onto “Flight” and read the piece in one sitting.  Salome works as kitchen help but she knows the allure of the lofty angels’ keeps.  When her niece accompanies the angels home, Salome launches a rescue mission that brings her face to face with her own checkered past.

All four stories deal with the relationships people create with one another, relationships that are often not completely as they seem because of the lies that people tell themselves to make life just a little easier.  Shinn’s characters are always powerfully drawn and will pull young readers in, but these stories are written for adults.  There are implications made about sexual situations but nothing happens on-screen.   Suitable for teens.



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