February 11, 2010

Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern

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Get Well Soon (AR 5. 4)

by Julie Halpern

Anna Bloom is sad and mad and overwhelmed by the world — in many ways Anna is a typical teen.  But problems arise when Anna can no longer go to school.  It doesn’t come across so much as a choice but more a simple inability to cope with pressures she faces day to day.  Not knowing any other way to help her, Anna’s parents send her first to a counselor and then dump her in a mental hospital.  There Anna must deal with her very real anger, her imagined defenselessness and an absolutely adorable mental patient who just may like her as much as she likes him.

Halpern has done an amazing job in creating a cast of very real characters from Anna’s room mate who keeps her boyfriend by putting her own spin on the truth to the boy Anna just can’t get out of her mind.  Can he possibly be as cool as she thinks he is?  And does he like her too?

I loved Anna’s smart sense of humor, her refusal to be anyone other than herself and her willingness to like a wide variety of people.  I also love that the only person who can solve her problems is Anna even if she has to be pushed into doing it.  Not that the solution is one that either she or her parents saw coming.

The ending is more ambiguous than I truly appreciate.  I like my endings concrete, thank you very much.  But it was a realistic ending even if I didn’t love everything about it.

A good book for teen girls who don’t walk the pink fuzzy girl path.  Although there are a number of strong male characters, you spend too much time in Anna’s head, feeling Anna’s feelings, for this to be a book boys would welcome.

Note:  The reading level may only be 5.4, but this book probably wouldn’t interest most elementary age readers.  These characters are definitely teens dealing with teen problems.




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  2. Mikayla said,

    I absolutely loved this book. The voice really stood out to me and i couldnt ever put it down!

    • suebe2 said,

      So, it wasn’t just me? The voice was so real and simply amazing.

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