February 16, 2010

Peace, Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle

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Peace, Love and Baby Ducks (AR 3. 9)

by Lauren Myracle

Carly has never been like everyone else — in fact she prides herself on her off-beat nature, wearing peace signs, listening only to music from the 60s and not being as into girly things as the other girls she knows.  But things seem especially different when she gets home from a summer service project.

No matter what is going on, her sister Anna has always been there for her, backing her up and accompanying her on whatever adventures lie ahead. But over the summer, Anna has gotten hot, as in the kind of hot that boys notice, certain grown men have trouble making eye contact, and a lot of women expect the worse.  Why can’t they see beyond her bra size to the girl she really is?

Still, Carly tries to shrug the changes off.  After all, Anna is going to need her big sister’s help when she start high school and, sure enough, day #1 brings a misunderstanding that could easily lead to suspension.

Then a new boy shows up — Cole is amazing, unconventional and does things his own way.  He’s also into 60s music and seems to be everything Carly could possibly want.   While he and Carly become casual friends, the deeper connection she longs for is missing.

At least with Cole.  Carly still spends time with Roger, who adores her even if she doesn’t want to be more than friends.  After all, they like such different things.

Things build and Carly must  re-evaluate how she sees the world.  Does she really see beyond the surface to what is truly important or are her surface expectations just different from the norm.  New friends, new boys and Anna’s new bra sizes force Carly to re-examine herself and her world view.

This is definitely a girl book and in spite of the lower reading level is early teen in content.  There isn’t any sex but Carly does walk in on a serious grope session. Carly’s body issues as well as having to reconcile her expectations with the very real boys in her life could make for some really interesting discussions between Mom and a daughter who is just entering the dating scene.

As the mom of a soon to be teen (though a boy), I loved how Myracle played with our expectations of the various teens.  Those who seem different from each other actually have similar values and expectations.  The value of friendship vs pure physical attraction and how both apply in dating was also stressed.  As a parent, I also loved how her father, who initially came across as a self-centered dope, is shown to be a feeling, caring human being.

This book will leave girls in their early teens with plenty to think about once the last page is turned.


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