May 19, 2010

Gateway by Sharon Shinn

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Gateway (AR 6 . 0)

by Sharon Shinn

Daiyu feels out of place but that doesn’t surprise her — she was adopted from China and has grown up in St. Louis, Missouri where Asians of any kind are in the minority.  When she agrees to deliver a necklace to one of the vendors at a fair, she never imagines it will whisk her through a portal (the Gateway Arch) to another world where she will be in the majority.

Not that she fits in.  The customs and everything about this world are alien to her, everything except the feelings she has for the first person she meets.  He has been sent to bring her home and makes her feel safe.  She has been brought to this world to help rid it of a tyrant but Daiyu struggles with her mission. Attractive, intelligent and charming, he seems like a good leader.  How can she be sure she is on the side of good?

Not many authors can transition between novels for adults and novels for teens but Shinn does it and does it well.  This young adult romance features Shinn’s usual attention to character and setting, both of which she brings alive with great skill.

On the AR test, this book is labeled as middle grade but it has more of a young adult feel.  That said, it would be suitable for an advanced middle grade reader.

This would make a fabulous summer read for someone traveling to a distant land or simply settling down at home to explore a great book.



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