June 7, 2010

Stranded by Douglas E. Richards

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by Douglas E. Richards
Stranded was a very good book!!
It is the third book in the thrilling Prometheus Project series.
The main characters were, as usual, Ryan and Regan Resnick.  The plot for this book is great —  Ryan and Regan discover the fourth dimension and use that knowledge to break  through a force field.  This enables Ryan to get back to Earth and get help for the stranded study expedition.  They are stuck on Isis, a planet trillions of light years from Earth.
The expedition was  stranded on Isis when scientist Michelle Cooper set a diversion up then made a break for it,  blocking they’re escape.  Yet, she is innocent.  Why?  Excuse me, this is a book review not a book! Go read it and find out!  I don’t want to spoil the whole plot for you.  Seriously.  I bet you’re reading this paragraph even though you were told it was a spoiler.
This book is good for all kids ages nine and older, (especally if you like science!  It is also good for adults.   You’ll love the action but some of the science, about the 4th dimension, is really hard to understand.  The author does a really good job explaining it but this is the kind of science they talk about in college!
Happy reading!!
(Guest Reviewer)
Son of SueBE (11 years-old.  I had a birthday!)


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