August 25, 2010

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?

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“How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs”
“How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats”
by Jane Yolen
illustrated by Mark Teague
Colorful dinosaurs demonstrate both the wrong way and the right way to treat pets.
The book on dogs includes feeding, bath time, and potential rough housing all accompanied by the fabulously colored dinosaurs that are the hallmark of this amazing series by Yolen and Teague.  The book on cats includes play, litter boxes and possible toys.
While a lecture on these topics by parents would be tedious and boring, Yolen’s fast paced text and Teague’s playful illustrations make it fun.
Reader will meet not only well known dinosaurs like the familiar iguanodon and parasaurolophus, but they will also encounter exotic specimens ranging from the caudipteryx to the tsintausaurus.  Relax!   Dino names appear below the appropriate illustrations for readers young and old who can’t tell their chasmosaurus from their silvisaurus.
Animal lovers and dinosaurs lovers alike will be willing to curl up for some serious book time with these two additions to the “How Do Dinosaurs” books.  An excellent choice for a Halloween treat or a Christmas stocking or any moment of fun reading time in between.

August 18, 2010

An Egret’s Day by Jane Yolen

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An Egret’s Day (AR 4 .9)
by Jane Yolen
Yolen combines poetry in various forms, from limericks to freestyle to haiku, with informational sidebars to tell readers (ages 9 – 12) all about Great Egrets.    Topics covered range from nesting to food and from grooming to interactions with mankind.
Photographer Jason Stemple provides the illustrations, each and every one a piece of art in itself.  The photos were so mesmerizing that I actually found myself studying them and then going back to read the poems.
This book would be an excellent choice for reluctant readers.  The text is spare and the photos are amazing.
This book is simply a must have for young nature lovers, especially those intent on wildlife preservation.

All Star: Honus Wagner and the Most Famous Baseball Card Ever by Jane Yolen

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All Star: Honus Wagner and
the Most Famous Baseball Card Ever (AR 4 .3)
by Jane Yolen
Would anyone have guessed that Honus Wagner would be a baseball hero.  Bow legs and all, he was a coal miner when he was only 12.   But he loved the sport and played ball whenever he got the chance.  He even hopped a freight train so that he could make it to the try outs for the chance at becoming a pro.
His efforts paid off and once in the pros he put all those mining muscles to work, setting record after record, many of which still stand today.  In the early 1900s, Wagner gave working boys hope.
These working boys are also why he pulled his baseball card off the market. The reason?   It was being sold in packs of cigarettes.
I’ll admit it publicly — I am not a baseball fan.  Give me a ticket, and I’ll go the game but I’m don’t feel compelled to be there or to watch it on tv.  Yet,  as soon as I finished this book, I went and found my son and made him read it.  As with any book Mom pushes into this hand, he initially resisted but then wouldn’t put it down.
When we ended up with a second copy, we took it to school for a baseball loving teacher.
Pick up this book for baseball fans or any young reader who is having to work super hard to reach a goal.

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