September 17, 2010

Gilbert, the Surfer Dude by Diane deGroat

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Gilbert, the Surfer Dude  (AR 2 .3)

by Diane deGroat

Gilbert and his family are going to the beach.  His sister is reading a book about the ocean but all Gilbert can think about is the feeling that he forgot something.  His sister points at her book and the pictures of sharks and other scary things.  There is no way she is going swimming.  Mom points out that the little girl has a lovely new suit and it hits Gilbert.  He forgot his swim suit.

Fortunately Gilbert is able to find a suit although his mother is sure it is too big.  Still, he can’t resist having a suit that says Surfer Dude — perfection.  At the beach, Gilbert helps his sister dig a hole and create a pool.  Someplace she feels safe enough to swim.

Gilbert grabs his boogie board.  With some help from Dad, he finally manages to surf until his tumbles off the board and loses something rather important.  His suit!  Other swimmers spot the mysterious object and are sure it is something dangerous.

Gilbert manages to retrieve his suit and even decides to swim again but this time he swims some place a bit less scary.

Good beginning readers are hard to find but DeGroat’s Gilbert readers are top notch.  She has enough story to keep things moving and interesting, her characters are fun and she always has a twist at the end.  Some of the Gilbert books are picture books so if you are looking specifically for beginning readers, look for the “I Can Read!” banner on the front cover.

Help your young reader work on their skills while experiencing books with this fun character.  These books would be good for both girls and boys.



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