September 17, 2010

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

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The Reformed Vampire Support Group  (AR 5 .3)

by Catherine Jinks

Nina Harrison is busy working on her latest book and the story is coming along well.   Her vampire heroine has just rescued a young man is about to make a romantic move but then Nina is interrupted.  Time to get ready for the night’s meeting of The Reformed Vampire Support Group.

Nina doesn’t just write about vampires, she is a vampire and, fanged at 15, her life is less than a lark.  She looks too young to drive, has all the problems a regular vampire is stuck with and her only friends are an unlikely lot of vampires she would never have chosen on her own.  Besides, being a vampire isn’t really all that grand.  The stories are much better than reality.

But when one of the group members doesn’t answer his door, everyone troops over to see what the problem is and they discover a very big problem.  A pile of ash in his coffin-bed and a stake right in the middle of the whole mess.  Someone is out hunting vampires.  What is the point of being a reformed vampire, one who never feeds off humans, if humans are still going to behave like this toward you.

When the other vampires wonder aloud if Nina’s popular vampire novels could be part of the problem, perpetuating vampire myths and all that, Nina decides that she will be one of the two vampires who undertakes a dangerous cross country trip to track down the killer.

I will admit up front that I normally avoid vampire books.  I’m just a bit tired of them.  But this was an audio book and I needed something to listen to while knitting my Loch Ness Monster.  Strangely appropriate, yes?  I’m glad I picked this one out.  Jinks’ vampires are completely unlike other vampires.  For one thing, we have their powers all wrong.  Secondly, these vampires have to support themselves.  After all, if you aren’t feeding on humans, you have to pay for an alternative.  There is humor, there is adventure and there is a romance too.

An excellent read that will appeal to teens and adults too.  Even if they don’t think they like vampire books.  After all, there are other monsters out there.



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