October 20, 2010

How to Trap a Zombie . . . by A.R. Rotruck

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How to Trap a Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-on Activities for Monster Hunters

by A.R. Rotruck

I wanted to review this book for Halloween — because it is such fun and there aren’t enough fun Halloween-y books for older readers.  But this review grew into something more.  This review is a bit different from the others and will consist of three parts.

I.  My son’s review of the book.

II. My review of the book.

III.  The story behind my review — the saga of finding the book.  Again.

Let’s begin.

I.  My son’s review of the book.

I think How to Trap a Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-on Activities for Monster Hunters was an excellent book.  I think it is good for kids 6 – 14 (boys and girls) because it has a lot of different games and crafts.  My favorite craft was the wand.  It tells you what you can put on your wand and how this will make your wand more magical.  My favorite part, besides the crafts, was where it tells you how to assemble a monster hunting party.  The book’s crafts mainly circle around the theme of monster hunting.  It was a really good book!

–Guest review by son of SueBE (age 11)

II. My review of the book.

This is a tongue-in-cheek how-to about monster hunting.  It tells the would-be hunter how to make the various things they need to take with them as well as various games that confound specific monsters or train the hunter for the hunt itself.  Part craft book, part fantasy, it is a must have for any young fantasy fan who dreams of saving the world, or at least the neighborhood.  Not that saving the world isn’t important, but there is a good bit of humor as well.

Once your young monster hunter gets their hands on this book, be prepared.  You will find dining room chairs lying on their sides, masquerading as looms, sun tea brewing in jars on the front porch and sticks decorated with feathers, stones and flowers hidden throughout the house.  After all, a good monster hunter is always prepared.  “Never use a net,” the book advises, “unless you are prepared to deal with what you catch in it.”

You should be prepared for your young fantasy fan (ages 9 – 12) to spend some serious time acting out their imagination.  This book is seriously fun.

III.  The story behind my review — the saga of finding the book.  Again.

I remembered getting this book in a whole box of books.  But when I was pulling books off my shelf, preparing for my next round of reviews, it wasn’t there.  I checked my desk.  I checked beneath my desk.  I remembered seeing it in the box.  I remembered seeing my son looking in the box . . .

Me:  “Did you take a book about monster hunting?”

Him:  “What book?”

Me:  “One of my review copies.  Really cool illustrations.  Something about hunting monsters, maybe zombies.  Catching monsters.”

Him:  “Maybe.  Why?”

Me:  “I need to read it so I can review it?”

Him:  “You aren’t going to give it away?  The publisher doesn’t want it back?  Like a recall?”

Me:  “Where’s my book?”

Him:  “I’ll be back in a minute . . .  with my book.”

Good as his word, he came back upstairs in a few minutes with the book.  Flipping through it I recognized the pack he wanted to make from his father’s jeans, the wand behind the crystal bowl on my mahogany buffet, the sun tea and more.  This book had already seen some serious use.  Then I flipped to the front and spotted a chart, “This Book is the Property of . . .”  The publisher designed the book with one line left open and the rest filled in with the names of fictitious monster hunters.  At the bottom of the list, on the previously blank line, was a name I knew very well.  Apparently, this is not my book, but his.

I am the mother of a monster hunter.  Now I’d better get this book back to him before he nets me or snares me or comes up with his own way of getting it back.



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