November 18, 2010

Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble by Judy Schachner

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Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble

by Judy Schachner

AR 3.8

Skippyjon Jones is at it again.  When he gets sent to his room this time, he ends up in Ancient Egypt trying to answer a riddle put to him by the Great Finx.

As always, Los Chimichangos play a part in the adventure as the chihuahuas accompany El Skippito on his quest for something even better than frijoles — peas.  Why peas?  Isn’t this an ancient Egypt adventure?  Hint: Mummy’s sleep in peas.  Say it out loud if you don’t get it.

From the art work full of cattitude to the embarrassing problem that plague’s Skippyjon whenever he has an attack of the nerves, it is clear that Schachner lives with a cat with serious attitude.  Just look at the cover art!

This story is laugh out loud funny — my son and I liked it even more than the original.  Definitely a top notch read aloud, this book will appeal to kids who love cats and chihuahua’s, Ancient Egypt and mummies.




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