December 22, 2010

Betsy Red Hoodie by Gail Carson Levine

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Betsy Red Hoodie

by Gail Carson Levine

illustrated by Scott Nash

Betsy and the wolf (we now know his name is Zimmo) are back and this time they and the sheep are heading up Rosentall Mountain to take a basket of goodies to Grandma.

In spite of her long friendship with Zimmo, Betsy has her doubts.  After all, don’t wolves have a tendency to eat grandmas?

On their way up the mountain, Betsy and Zimmo run into a spot of trouble in the form of a hunter.  Betsy manages to keep Zimmo safe but the hunter’s doubts about the wolf fuel her own, especially when Zimmo disappears into the trees.  What will Betsy find when she makes it to Grandma’s?

Levine has created another clever twist on a traditional tale while once again teaching us all a lesson about trust.  Not to worry — with the story taking center stage the lesson, while not subtle, is accessible and doesn’t come across like a sermon.

Nash’s comic illustrations continue to compliment the humor of the story while the addition of black-line through the use of pen and ink adds more detail and a bit more drama than the illustrations in the original tale, Betsy Who Cried Wolf!

A great addition to the classroom library as well as a book that is sure to spark a great deal of discussion whether at home, at school, or any place else that adults share books with children.




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