March 2, 2011

The Terrible Secrets of the Tell-All Club by Catherine Stier

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The Terrible Secrets of the Tell-All Club

by Catherine Stier

AR 4.4

Kiley is determined to make her club the best one of all — so cool that not only her fellow fifth-graders, but the older sixth-graders as well, will want to join.  But before she can get things rolling, she needs a purpose.

What she really wants is to get to know one particular boy a bit better.  Does he like her as much as she likes him?   She’ll invite him to be in the club but she’ll invite her friends Josh and Anne too.

Then she comes up with the best idea ever — to create a Tell-All Club. To join, everyone has to answer 50 questions including the one she really wants TJ to answer.   Who do you like as more than just a friend?

But secrets are powerful things especially when you start telling one person what another person thinks.

I can’t tell much more about the plot of the book without giving it all away, but Stier knows her fifth graders.  The girls may be thinking about boys but the boys are totally focused on basketball — playing it better or how to avoid it altogether.  They know what’s cool and what’s not but when things get serious, sometimes uncool (according to the boy’s) emotions still surface.

The problems these kids face are real without being edgy.  Bullying, popularity, being attractive, and more play a part.

The narrative rotates between characters with Kiley, Anne, TJ and Josh all getting their say.  It is especially intriguing to get the varying points of view on the same situation when not everyone sees what happened in exactly the same way.

At only 125 pages, this is a quick read and a good choice for young readers who are competent but not confident in their ability to tackle longer books.  Pick it up for your fourth grader today!


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