March 9, 2011

Animals in Camouflage and Animals: Black and White by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

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Animals in Camouflage (AR 3.0)


Animals: Black and White

by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes


Can you guess what I am?

Throughout these two books, an animal introduces itself, offering up a variety of information.  The corresponding image provides some clues too.  In Black and White, this first image is generally a close up, too close for a clear view of the animal in question, offering a look at its flank or its wing.  In Camouflage, the animal’s coloration enables it to hide within the larger illustration.

Turn the page and, on the next spread, you see the animal clearly, are told the name, and get yet still more information.

Of the two, Black and White seemed to be geared toward a younger audience.  Translation:  I was able to figure out all but one of the animals before I turned the page.  The publisher recommends this book for ages 3 to 6 and I agree, especially the younger end.

Camouflage? No such luck, in part because there is simply a larger pool of camouflaged animals from which to choose.  Again, the publisher recommends this title for children ages 3 to 6.  This time, I think the book might lean toward the older end of that range.

At the end of each book, two pages of additional information are given on the animals found within that volume.  And don’t expect them all to be frogs and pandas.  The author gets specific, Adelie penguin vs a simple penguin, but all are interesting and accessible.

These books would be ideal for kids who love animals.  They could also prompt discussions on coloration as well as similarities.  Why did you think it was X animal instead of Z animal?  What do you think about the clues now that you know what it is?

Expect a lot of discussion and some fun sharing time whenever these books come out.



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