March 16, 2011

Lost Boy: The Story of the Man Who Created Peter Pan by Jane Yolen

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Lost Boy:

The Story of the Man Who Created Peter Pan

by Jane Yolen


AR 5.2

Do you know the story of Jamie Barrie?  Maybe not, but you’ve probably heard of  J. M. Barrie, the man who wrote Peter Pan.

In this picture book biography, author Jane Yolen tells about Barrie’s childhood, both the fact and the fiction, his time in school and also his friendship with the Davies family, which in many ways was a second childhood.

With so much information to fit into a picture book, Yolen uses the play Peter Pan as her focus.  Relative events from Barrie’s childhood are highlighted as are lines from the play that reflect on these events.

Just as Jamie grew from a boy to the man who wrote about a boy, Yolen tells of the growth of the story of Peter Pan from play to novel and also various additions that have been tried out only to be discarded.

Children will readily identify with Barrie who, even as a grown man, was quite small (only about 5 feet tall) and preferred life in his imagination to the tedium of being a grown up.  Yes, Barrie truly was Pan.

Share this page turner with the child in your life and be sure to have a copy of Peter Pan on hand so that the adventure can continue.



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