May 13, 2011

Birds of a Feather poems by Jane Yolen, Photographys by Jason Stemple

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Birds of a Feather
poems by Jane Yolen
photographs by Jason Stemple

The world of our feathered friends comes alive in this poetry collection by the mother and son team of Jane Yolen and Jason Stemple.  Yolen’s poetry introduces young readers to a variety of birds ranging from the regal bald eagle to the diminutive chickadee and from  the solitary Great Horned Owl to the group loving Oystercatcher.

Each two page spread is dedicated to an individual bird.  Yolen’s poem is complimented by a sidebar of additional information on the bird.  But pulling it all together are Stemple’s stand out photos.

As much as I adore Yolen’s poems, I have to admit that I order each book the pair does for the photos.  Even the everyday chickadee is a masterpiece when it is brought into focus by Stemple’s lens.

Pick up a copy of this book to share with the poetry lovers and the nature lovers in your life.  Younger readers can focus on the poems and return later to learn a bit more from the sidebars.

A must for anyone who loves nature photography or our feathered friends.



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