July 13, 2011

Nerd Camp by Elissa Brent Weissman

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Nerd Camp

by Elissa Brent Weissman



Gabe and his friends are proud of their status as nerds.  They love to read, solve logic problems and learn all kinds of new things.  Gabe is even scheduled to go to the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment where he’ll get to hike and kayak but also take classes on chemistry or poetry or even foreign languages.  What could be better than that?

Then he gets a phone call from his father.  Dad is remarrying and wants Gabe to meet Zach, his brother-to-be.  Gabe had long given up hope off getting a brother or sister and getting one his own age is sure to be the greatest.  But then he meets cell phoning, skate-board toting Zack.  Zack, who practically oozes cool, is a young man of firm opinions many of which revolve around what is cool and what is not.  The good news is that he’s super envious of Gabe who is getting to go to summer camp.

How can Gabe write to Zack all summer long without letting on to the fact that he is a total nerd and losing his brand new brother?

Weissman has created a book worthy of the title Nerd.  Her nerd characters are fun and funny and believably nerd-like.  In fact, some of them are so nerdy that the don’t understand Gabe’s fears and, in trying to help, just make themselves look nerdier than ever.

Give this book to the brain in your life.  He or she is sure to find a character to celebrate whether its the super cool C2 or Gabe’s  uber geeky bunk mates. A quick fun read to celebrate books, brains and summer.




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