August 2, 2011

I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd

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I Love Bugs!
by Emma Dodd
Holiday House

“I love springy
jumpy leapy

The narrator of this fun picture book is a tried-and-true bug lover.  From bees to butterflies and everything in between, this kid is a bug nut.

Told in a fun, rollicking rhyme, the text gets moving and doesn’t stop.  It is short enough for the youngest pre-readers while the illustrations provide enough detail to occupy older children.   The rhythm and rhyme would also make it a great read aloud for a preschool unit on insects with information on how bugs move, sound and look.

Dodd’s big, bright cartoony illustrations make the bugs, including spiders, bees and mosquitoes, more fun than scary.  But in spite of big cartoony eyes you can still clearly tell what is what.  Bold black lines make the main character stand out, even amid the textures and patterns of the insect world.

Tension is created as the narrator describes the creepy “hanging from the ceiling bugs” (spiders) that send him scampering.

A great choice for nature lovers, bug lovers or kids who simply love to cuddle up in your lap for a fun read-aloud experience.



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