September 16, 2011

Oceans: The Vast, Mysterious Deep by David Harrison, illustrated by Cheryl Nathan

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Oceans: The Vast, Mysterious Deep
by David Harrison
illustrated by Cheryl Nathan
Boyds Mills Press
AR 4.0

If you have a nonfiction lover on your hands, look into David Harrison’s books and start with Oceans: The Vast, Mysterious Deep.  At only 700 words, the text moves fast and covers a wide variety of oceans facts ranging from how much of the Earth is covered by oceans to how the water got there in the first  place as well as what lives in the oceans today.

If your nonfiction lover is a little older, don’t worry that this book will be too basic.  Although I’m familiar with a variety of marine animals, I learned about how currents are created in addition to the origins of the water itself.

Harrison’s experience writing poetry is evident in the clean, crisp text that would make for an excellent read aloud.  Every word counts and this book is information packed.

Suitable for either home reading or introducing a class to the wonders of our oceans, Harrison’s book ends with a call to young activists to care for the oceans and the animals that live there — after all, we take so much from the ocean and our lives will change forever if this resource is not preserved.

The varied colors and textures uses in Cheryl Nathan’s illustrations add visual appeal to an already engaging experience.  Though not 100% realistic, the depictions are far from cartoony and lovely enough to hang on any wall.

Harrison and Nathan’s other books in the Earthworks series  include Glaciers: Nature’s Icy Caps; Earthquakes: Earth’s Mightiest Moments; Mountains: The Tops of the World; and Volcanoes: Nature’s Incredible Fireworks.

Pick up a great nonfiction read today!



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