October 11, 2011

In Search of Sasquatch by Kelly Milner Halls

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In Search of Sasquatch
by Kelly Milner Halls
First of all, a disclosure.  Kelly and I are friends.  The community of  nonfiction writers is cohesive enough that not only have we met, but we exchange messages and cheer each other on.

That said, I did not almost forget to leave the house Sunday because Kelly is my friend.  Fortunately, I had set a timer to remind me that I needed to be on time.  When the timer went off, I distinctly remember thinking that I must have more time.  Surely.

But the book had pulled me in just that fast.

In Search of Sasquatch is a compilation of evidence for the existence of Sasquatch.  The researchers that Kelly interviewed are largely scientists and academics including anthropologists and a linguist.  The evidence itself consists of eye witness accounts, the Patterson-Gimlin film, footprints, audio tapes, and more.

Like many of the middle school readers who will dive into this book, I want to believe that Sasquatch it out there.  I hate the idea that everything is already known, and that there are no new discoveries to be made.

Kelly’s presentation is respectful both of the “believers” and the “skeptics.”  That said, she spends a lot more time on the believers — it is the topic of the book, after all.

This text would make an excellent point of discussion concerning scientific method, scientific exploration and more.  I loved the parts about anthropology and the physical differences between man and ape –excellent discussion points for the curious who want to explore the ideas contained in this book.

I would recommend this to anyone who is fascinated by Sasquatch specifically or cryptids in general.  But do yourself a huge favor.  Set a timer if you have anywhere else you need to be.  Otherwise, you too will fall victim of In Search of Sasquatch.



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