December 1, 2011

Press Here by Hervé Tullet

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Press Here
by Hervé Tullet
Chronicle Books

It seems too simple to be true.   A picture book illustrated completely with dots.  Yellow dots.  Red dots.  Dots the size of a quarter.  Dots the size of the page itself.

But that’s what French author/illustrator Hervé Tullet gives us in Press Here, a fun fully interactive picture book that sucks readers in as they follow the instructions on each page, pressing dots, rubbing dots and clapping out loud.

I was seriously skeptical — could this book be as amazing as everyone said — but then I got it from the library and found myself sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce and poking dots on a picture book, turning pages to see what all this dot pushing, book tilting and hand clapping had brought about.

Surely not everyone would react like this?  Just to see,  I passed the book on to my 12 year-old son.  Soon he was peaking from beneath shaggy bangs to make sure no one was watching as he poked the book, tilted the book and shook the book.

A fun silly read that will have the preschooler in your life dragging this book from adult to adult,  asking for another read.  And, if the adult has any sense of fun, they’ll enjoy it too.

Not sure?  Check out the trailer below.




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