December 6, 2011

Crunch by Leslie Connor

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by Leslie Connor
Katherine Tegen Books
AR 3.3

Every summer, Dewey’s Mom goes on the road with Dad, a short haul trucker, for their anniversary.  But this year is special.  Since Dewey’s sister is 18, they decide that the kids can spend a few days on their own.

But when the U.S. runs out of gasoline a few days turns into much, much longer.  The governments tells people to remain calm but gives no idea when the shortage, or crunch as brother Vince calls it, will end.

Until then, the kids are on their own.

Dewey has plenty to keep him busy.  After all, Dad left him in charge of the Marris Bike Barn, the family’s small repair shop.  But with everyone needing bikes to get from here to there, the Marris operation is a big deal.  Dewey accepts ever customer who pushes their bike into the barn even as he and Vince struggle to stay caught up.

Dewey doesn’t even think anything of it when things start to disappear.  His brother is just a touch spacey but then something really expensive goes missing and the dogs keep trying to get into the barn when its locked up for the night.

Now Dewey has dozens of bikes to fix and a thief to catch.  His only hope is that the thief isn’t someone too close to home.

This book caught my attention because my son came home from social studies class talking about a movie that showed what would happen in the US when we run out of oil.  Crunch didn’t cover the true “end times” because this was just a temporary situation but it will definitely give young readers something to think about.

Just be prepared to defend your various fuel and recycle choices because your young reader will come off this book ready to crusade.



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