February 1, 2012

Blackout by John Rocco

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by John Rocco

Its a typical night amid the hustle and bustle of New York City until . . .  pop, pop, pop . . . out go the lights.

Soon it is too hot to stay inside and people head out.  Some of them climb up to the roof where people are BBQ-ing  in the star light.  Others wander down to street level where vendors are handing out ice cream before it can melt and people are playing music on their stoops.  Up or down, people are gathered together.

This is a great together time book for cuddling and reading on the sofa or the glider.  The text is ultra simple, probably not much over 100 words in length but it tells the story beautifully.  One little boy wants someone to play a game with him, but everyone in his family is busy doing other things, each in a separate room, until the power goes out and brings them all together.

If you’ve ever experienced an outage, you’ll recognize that feeling in this book. Instead of sitting inside, air conditioners humming away, everyone heads out.  Neighbors cluster together chatting, kids play and everyone looks up at the sky.

If you’ve never experienced an outage, you can still experience the together time when you share this book with a special child in your life.



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