February 14, 2012

Alien Investigation by Kelly Milner Halls

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Alien Investigation: Searching for the Truth about UFOs and Aliens
by Kelly Milner Halls

UFOs.  Aliens.  Mention either one and you’ve got the attention of many a boy reader and more than a few of the girls as well and author Kelly Milner Halls has served up a great read for grade school readers interested in exploring this topic.

Halls has divided her text into chapters on the space craft themselves, crashes and landings, what the aliens look like and hoaxes of various kinds.  Not surprisingly, Roswell takes up a healthy amount of space but there was also information on much more recent sightings in places like Rendlesham Forest, UK (1980), Needles, CA (2008) and Ruwa, Zimbabwe (1994).

Young readers will probably find the account at Ruwa most interesting as the witnesses were not military personal like in Rendlesham Forest but a group of school children.

The text is illustrated with some photos, children’s drawings and a variety of artist’s renderings.  There are also interviews with a  variety of experts ranging from eye witnesses to aerospace engineers.

My favorite quote?  “A person couldn’t fly from New York, New York to San Francisco, California in 1900 because the technology for flight hadn’t been developed, not because (it was against) the laws of physics.”  Stanton Friedman, physicist.

What’s missing?  Halls has left out the mention of alien abductions, but this makes perfect sense given that the books’ intended audience is as young as 10 years-old.  Halls wants to educate young readers on this topic and leave them curious, not frightened.  There is definitely enough information here to lead young readers to continue exploring this curious topic.



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