February 24, 2012

For the Love of Music by Elizabeth Rusch

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For the Love of Music:
The Remarkable Story of Maria Anna Mozart
by Elizabeth Rusch
Tricycle Press
AR 5.4

Ever wondered what it would be like to grow up in a musical household?  That’s just the place that Maria Anna Mozart found herself.  Her father, Leopold Mozart, was a court musician.  Maria Anna was older sister to the renowned Wolfgang Mozart.  But she knew how to play first.

Maria grew up around the court musicians and learned to play alongside her father.  When she practiced, her little brother would sit with her and soak up the beautiful music.  In fact, the two children toured Europe together impressing royalty far and wide with their amazing skills.

Still, when Wolfgang went to Italy to study, Maria stayed home.  Scholars believe there was only enough money to school one of the children.  Still, Maria did not give up her music.  She took a piano with her when she married and later returned to Salzburg where she gave small private concerts and taught lessons.

Throughout the story, Rusch works in various musical terms, ranging from Piano Sonata (a piece composed for piano) to Fermata (in which everything stops).  Each fits its place in the story and will help anchor young musicians in

Sheet music and rich textiles are incorporated into the paintings that Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher created to compliment the lush, complex world in which Maria Anna made her music.  this world.

This is a gentle story of love and passion.  Perfect for musicians young and old, it would make an excellent book for quiet reading, sharing and time spent together.




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