March 9, 2012

Circus Galacticus by Deva Fagan

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Circus Galacticus
by Deva Fagan
AR 4.2

Trix wants to believe her parents.  After all, who doesn’t want to be special?  But she’s seriously starting to believe that her parents lied.  She’s not special.  She’s just a freak who doesn’t fit in.

Since her parent’s death, Trix has been a scholarship student at the exclusive Bleeker Academy and she’s very lucky to be there.  Just ask Headmistress Primwell.

But Trix doesn’t feel lucky especially when, following a run-in with one of the popular girls, Primwell bans her from the upcoming gymnastics competition.  Gymnastics is the one thing Trix feels truly good at and, if she can’t compete, she can’t earn a college scholarship.

So what does she have to loose when Circus Galacticus comes to town and she finds a message at the bottom of one of the posters.

“Feeling alone?  Misunderstood?  Strange things happening?  We have answers! Visit the Hall of Mirrors and find your True Self!” 

In the Hall of Mirrors, Trix inadvertently slips through one of the mirrors.  She finds herself “backstage” in the circus where she quickly learns that each of the performers has a special talent.  Some of them are stunning, ranging from being able to reduce gravity to being able to ghost through solid objects, while others seem a bit ho hum.  What, after all, is the value of being able to give off a wide variety of odors?  Still even that seems more special than the one thing that sets Trix apart.  Her hair has turned shocking pink.  That’s it.  Pink hair.

But all is not well at the circus.  They are being pursued by the same strange figures Trix saw lurking outside her dorm the night before she disappeared.  The race is on.  Will Trix discover who she is and what abilities she holds in time to save everyone she has come to care for?

Fagan has created a wildly complex world that fantasy fans will love.  From a space craft that actually lives to an ancient technologically advanced, but now extinct civilization, mysteries abound.  But there is also love in the air as Trix connects with those around her.



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