March 13, 2012

Should I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Willems

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Should I Share My Ice Cream: An Elephant & Piggie Book
by Mo Willems

Willems brilliantly simple illustrations easily show Elephant’s joy at encountering an ice cream cart on a hot day.  But then Elephant thinks of Piggie and things get complex very quickly.

Piggie loves ice cream but Piggie isn’t there.

Should Elephant find Piggie and over to share?  Or should Elephant simply eat the yummy treat.  Its not like Piggie will ever know.  But what if Piggie is someplace sad and lonely?  Ice cream would cheer Piggie up.

Elephant hems and haws.  Elephant waffles.  And, the reader sees it coming in the illustrations, Elephant’s ice cream melts and falls with a sickening splat.

Now Elephant is sad and alone with no ice cream.

Fortunately, along comes Piggie who just happens to have an ice cream cone — an ice cream cone to share.

As a beginning reader, both Willems text and illustrations are deceptively simple.  In its depths, this is a story about friendship.  Sometimes,  when you are a friend, you give comfort.  Other times, you take it even though you may not feel like you deserve it.

Because the text is so simple, the emotional depth comes through the illustrations.  Elephant is clearly joyful, thoughtful, hesitant, worried, sneaky, determined, sorrowful, and so very grateful.

This is an excellent choice for a new reader, an ice cream lover, or someone who simply adores Elephant & Piggie.



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