April 9, 2012

A Weekend with Wendell by Kevin Henkes

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A Weekend with Wendell
by Kevin Henkes
AR 2.7

Sophie isn’t sure what to think when Wendell comes to visit for the weekend.  Wendell brags about how much better, and more numerous, his toys are than Sophie’s and he’ll only play what she suggests if he gets to be the boss.

When they play house, Sophie gets to be the dog.

When they play hospital, Sophie gets to be the desk clerk.

When they pretend bakery, Sophie is a sweet roll.

Throughout it all, Sophie has one quiet question for her parents.  “When is Wendell leaving?”  Their answer?  “Soon.”

By Sunday, Sophie has had enough but she’s learned a few things too.  When they play fire fighter, she’s in charge of the hose although she eventually decides to share.

By the time Wendell’s parents pick him up, Sophie has only one question. “When is Wendell coming back?”

If you’ve ever had two kids who simultaneously adore each other and can’t get along for 5 minutes, you will completely understand this book.  You’ll also appreciate the expressions on the adults faces as they answer Sophie’s questions and try to minimize the damage.

As always, Henkes displays an acute understanding of kids and what makes them tick.  Not a new title, but this oldie is definitely worth granting space on your shelves!


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