April 12, 2012

Penny and Her Song by Kevin Henkes

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Penny and Her Song
by Kevin Henkes
AR 2.1

In addition to his numerous picture books and his novels, Kevin Henkes has branched out into  beginning readers.

When Penny comes home from school, she is more than ready to share.  After all, she has a song and a song requires an audience.  But Mama isn’t ready to listen.  She doesn’t want Penny to wake up the babies.  Papa compliments the song but, like Mama, wants to make sure the babies get their nap.

Penny tries singing to herself but a song requires an audience.

By dinner time, she’s ready to try again but she is assured, once again by Mama and Papa, that the dinner table isn’t the place for a song.  It is only after dinner that Penny finds a willing audience.

As always, I’m left wondering if Henkes bugged my house.  Ok, my son may not be a huge singer but seriously?  This kid is a driven performer when it comes to getting Mom and Dad’s attention.  Definitely a true to life story.

And he tells it in such a way that newer readers will be able to puzzle through the text using his illustrations for visual cues.

Be sure to share this with the new reader in your life but don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t feel the need to show you her own talents either in reading it to you again or in putting on a performance.



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